House Tour: My Living Room

2 Aug

I love house tours. They are one of my most favorite things to find on blogs and Web sites because I love seeing how others choose to decorate the space they live in every day, so it seems a crucial thing I need to add to my own.

Even though my place isn’t massive, I’m going to do this in stages because one big house tour post might be a bit much. First up: my living room.

Like most spaces, this room evolved over time. One of my very first home-related purchases was my sofa. While I love color, I’m a firm believer in investing in classic pieces in neutral colors so you have the flexibility to change the look of your space with relatively inexpensive accessories and paint rather than furniture. (If money were no object, then it would be an entirely different story.) The latest addition in this room is the graphic West Elm Zigzag rug that I’m completely in love with.

The chair is an antique from my grandmother and was in serious need of repair and reupholstery. And because I was pretty particular about what I wanted, it took me two years to find a fabric that was just right for the chair. Here’s a closeup:

As I’ve mentioned, I have a thing for maps; they’re all over my home. I love how graphic and colorful they are and how they bring back memories of a place I’ve lived or traveled to.

My bookcase is one of my most favorite purchases to date. It houses all of my favorite books and pictures, all of my Cottage Living magazines (I really miss that magazine), and various mementos.

I hope y’all enjoyed this mini tour!


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