Travel Wish List

10 Aug

I love lists. I make them all the time. To-do lists, grocery lists, book lists, movie lists, project lists…you get the idea. One of my favorites to make is a travel list. I pretty much have a constant wish list of the places I’d like to go divided by continent. I add countries or change the order of my rankings as I discover new places I’d like to visit online or in a book or magazine. Norway jumped to the top of my travel list (it had actually, I’m embarrassed to say, never even made the rankings) after I read an article about all that country had going for it. It was the next place I went.

Vik, Norway


So here’s the current list of my top five dying-to-go-to international destinations:

1. Kenya

2. Peru and Bolivia

3. Greece

4. Turkey

5. Spain

What are yours?


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