House Tour: My Kitchen & Dining Room

12 Aug

When I bought my place, painting the walls was my first priority. I just couldn’t stomach living in a beige box when I’d lived in beige or white boxes as an apartment-dweller for years. I do like the original colors the builders used, but it was builder beige on the walls and a darker builder beige on the trim in every room and I personally need more color to keep my senses happy. I did keep both in the living room but painted over them in the rest of my condo within a couple weeks of moving in.

I made an offer on my place while it was still being renovated (the building was built in 1933 and was undergoing a complete overhaul), so I had time to plan and knew the colors and look that I wanted for my kitchen and dining room from the moment I moved in. I painted the walls a light blue (Behr Lakeside Mist in flat) and the trim and cabinets white (Behr Vermont Cream in semigloss). I know many people recommend using eggshell or a paint with a glossier finish in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms for easy cleanup, but I simply prefer the look of flat paint on walls because it doesn’t reflect light. It’s simply a personal preference, and I haven’t found the flat to cause any problems with cleanup.

My chairs were purchased at various unfinished furniture stores and painted in high-gloss paint. I’m in the process of stripping and redoing the red chair. Although you can’t tell in the photo, the finish isn’t that great, and I’ve learned it’s because that particular shade of red doesn’t work well in high-gloss. So, for round two, I’m using semigloss. I’m hoping it works this time around.

I hope you enjoyed part two of my house tour. There’s more to come, but not much since there’s only two rooms left to go in my one-bedroom home.


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