Red Chair Update

19 Aug

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been working on my red dining room chair. I’m happy to report that this project is complete…finally!

The history of my red chair is long and has unfortunately been quite involved. I bought the chair in 2004 and painted it in high-gloss red paint. It never looked great. The paint went on thin and never covered adequately, which I’ve now learned isn’t because the paint was mixed improperly, which I first suspected, but because that particular shade of red just doesn’t work in high gloss. After five-plus coats, it looked OK and I lived with it.











It sat like that until this year when it really began to annoy me, particularly since the paint jobs on my other three dining room chairs painted various shades of blue look phenomenal. So, I set about stripping, sanding, and re-priming it. I bought a new can of high-gloss and painted multiple coats on the bottom half of the chair, and the same thing happened. So, I re-stripped, re-sanded, and re-primed it (the above images show various points during the process) and painted several coats of semigloss paint (Behr paint color-matched to Valspar’s Fabulous Red) on just the seat. That didn’t cover either, but thankfully the stripping and sanding was much faster. I got Valspar premium enamel spray paint in Berry in a gloss finish, and it worked like a charm. See for yourself:

I got even coverage in a fraction of the time. I’m beyond excited to have this project checked off my to-do list. It was clearly a lesson learned the hard way.


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