House Tour: My Bedroom

25 Aug

My bedroom was the first room I painted when I moved in—I literally was moving in a couple gallons of paint for this room an hour after I signed the closing papers. The burnt orange (Behr’s Ground Nutmeg in flat) was a last-minute change. Originally I had planned to go with a warm neutral but wasn’t really in love with it, so I went bolder and darker, which was a little outside my comfort zone at the time. When I was rolling this on I was thinking, “What have I done?” But in the end and even now I’m really happy with my choice. Because the room gets great light, the dark wall color doesn’t ever make the room feel closed in, but when I lower the shades it feels like a cave (the bamboo shades are lined with blackout fabric).

In college, my mom and I found this fabulous fabric with small yellow and gold stripes with embroidered lemon trees. I had (and still have) an enthusiasm for Italy and at the time had recently read Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, so the colors and feel of Italy were on my mind and certainly inspired my fabric choice and ultimately the look of this room.

One of the more recent additions is the headboard. I wanted something simple and modern, so I made the frame with 2 x 4s and plywood. I had the wood cut to size at Home Depot and picked up the fabric from the remnant bin at Hancock Fabrics—8 yards for $28. the assembly and upholstery process took only about 2 hours. On a scale of home-related projects, this one definitely ranks as easy.


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