Anthology & Kris Atomic

13 Sep

Did you happen to see this on Twitter this morning?

Anthology is a new quaterly shelter/lifestyle magazine. Exciting! I’m so happy to see a new publication that is actually being printed instead of living exclusively online. Don’t get me wrong, I love Web-based magazines, but nothing tops having an actual printed hard copy. And based on the sneak preview (available on Anthology‘s site), it looks fantastic!

Image from Anthology

One thing I particularly love (so far) is the cover created by Kris Atomic. It’s bright and fun and girly. She is clearly an übertalented gal, and while perusing her blog, I fell in love with many of her drawings. She’s had a few posts detailing the process that goes into creating her colorful artwork. (See a few of those here, here, and here.) I love getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the process artists use to create their work. It’s always fascinating to see how a piece of art came to be from an initial sketch or idea.

Here are some of my other favorites from Kris Atomic, including the four initial sketches she did for Anthology’s cover:

I love the cat on the leash in the image below! That just makes me smile.


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