Recent Purchases

1 Oct

I recently bought these two dresses from Shabby Apple:

I love them! Both are gorgeous colors and are comfortable. I’m not quite as long-waisted as the model in the blue dress, so I don’t wear mine with the sash, but I love it both ways. They have so many different styles and colors and always seem to be coming out with new lines. If you’ve never been to the Shabby Apple Web site, you need to check it out. I definitely have a couple more dresses on my wishlist. Plus, the customer service is top-knotch. I had a snafu with one of my orders—my order got lost in a computer system switch—but they contacted me about it, apologized, and also gave me a $10 credit for my next purchase (which I used to buy that sapphire-colored dress!). And, if you call them with a question, an actual friendly and helpful person is on the other end of the line. These days, that’s something truly remarkable.

I was in no way compensated for this review. I generally like the company and the clothing they sell and wanted to share my experience.


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