Lonny Faves: Anniversary Issue

11 Oct

This anniversary issue of Lonny was easily one of their best issues yet, if not the best. Congrats to the entire editorial team on a stellar issue and also on a first year that helped redefine and expand magazine publishing. Here are my favorites:

1. The feature on J.K. Place’s two hotels in Florence and Capri was at the top of the list. I loved that Lonny took us to both locations with the Capri location being my hands-down favorite of the two. And the opening spread of the story—the fonts, layout, images chosen, the colors—is the best in the magazine.

2. Lulu de Kwiatkowski’s Los Angeles home (of the textile company LuluDK) was another favorite. They have some seriously amazing artwork.

3. “French Glamour” was my favorite story of the issue. The collaboration of two talented ladies, Lili Diallo and Lauren Goodman (former Domino staffers), to decorate Lauren’s apartment was the type of behind-the-scenes feature that I go nuts over. I love reading about all the hows and the whys of the evolution of a person’s home. I love her bookshelves and those violet chairs.


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