Mrs. Warren’s Profession

9 Nov

Aside from getting engaged, the second most exciting part of our trip to NYC was seeing the revival of Mrs. Warren’s Profession from Roundabout Theatre starring Cherry Jones. I’ve been an admirer of Cherry Jones for years but had never seen her perform in the theater, which is where by all accounts she truly shines. And this role is a great one with gorgeous costumes and dialogue and an excellent supporting cast. Just look at that red dress! And those hats! And Mrs. Warren has attitude enough to match them.

The play by George Bernard Shaw is about the relationship between a mother and daughter at the turn of last century. The pair have spent many years apart. The mother (Kitty Warren played by Cherry Jones) is a successful business woman who travels frequently and so leaves her daughter (Vivie Warren played by Sally Hawkins) in England to be educated and brought up as a lady. The primary dialogue of the play surrounds Vivie’s discovery of the controversial nature of her mother’s business—Mrs. Warren is the owner of a number of very lucrative brothels across Europe that have made her quite rich and financed Vivie’s lifestyle and education. This revelation challenges Vivie’s sense of herself and her ideas of women’s role and opportunities in society.

There are some amazing scenes between mother and daughter. One of my favorite lines is in the scene in which Kitty and Vivie discuss her choice of profession: “What’s any respectable girl brought up to do but to catch some rich man’s fancy and get the benefit of his money by marrying him, as if a marraige ceremony could make any difference in the right or wrong of the thing. The hypocrisy of the world makes me sick.”

You can go here to see more.

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