Covet Garden

12 Nov

Clearly I’m a couple months late on this one, but I just discovered the Toronto-based online magazine Covet Garden (which premiered in September). Refreshingly, the images and interiors are not styled by photo stylists or decorated by interior designers; they’re the homes of real people. Each issue is small in size—the first three issues ranged in length from 18 to 23 pages—and is devoted exclusively to one person, couple, or family.

The editorial team introduces us to some of Toronto’s most interesting people and gives us a glimpse into their homes and lives. Each issue also includes a Q&A with the homeowners, a craft project or recipe, quirky other tidbits of information (see Sock It To Ya! with the sock illustration below—love it), and an inspiration section about how to get their look in your own home. They’ve included embedded where-to-buy links, which are always handy.

The photography is stunning and the layout is clean, simple, and uncluttered. I love illustrated covers, and this magazine has offered that on two if its covers so far—the premiere issue is my favorite—as well as the interiors. In a market that seems to be saturated with online homes magazines (and new ones popping up all the time), this one provides a unique and intriguing perspective. I’m looking forward to seeing what this mini-magazine has to offer in the future.

All images courtesy of Covet Garden.


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