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Moving On Up

23 Dec

As I showed y’all here, I own a little 800-square-foot condo. I love that place and I’ve loved making it my own. It was my first home, and I purchased it myself, which I’m supremely proud of. But, it’s time to move on. My condo is on the market, and I’m moving into my fiancé’s house. This is it a few months ago:

It’s a three-bedroom, one-bath home that he’s owned for about 21/2 years—I actually toured it (and many others) with him when he was looking for a place—and we’ve steadily been working on it ever since. It’s definitely a work-in-progress and there’s tons more we want to do to it. Here are the big things we’ve accomplished so far:

• Had a new roof, new hot water heater, and new AC unit installed.

• New gutters were just installed. (The picture above doesn’t show this latest addition.)

• Removed two different kinds of terribly ugly wallpaper from the kitchen walls and painted it.

• Painted every room in the house, including all of the trim and the bathroom twice (our first color choice wasn’t the best).

• Painted the bathroom vanity.

• Ripped out the white plastic collapsible closet doors that were used in every bedroom.

• Added crown molding to the master bedroom and guest bedroom.

• Replaced all the plastic miniblinds with 1-inch wood blinds—we just installed the last one a couple weeks ago.

• Straightened the brick liners in the front flower beds.

• Powerwashed the front sidewalk, which made a HUGE difference.

• Cut down the dead tree in the backyard and planted a vegetable garden, which we’ve had for the past two years.

Aside from the big things like the new roof, AC unit, hot water heater, and gutters, we’ve done all the work ourselves, which has saved a lot of money and also been fun (most of the time). I’ll show y’all the interior in a series of posts, including before shots (except the bathroom and the office—I forgot to take some of those rooms) and the in-process shots because no room is “done.” And I’ll of course provide updates as we make progress and this little home of ours evolves.


Miss Austen Regrets

19 Dec

I recently watched Miss Austen Regrets and absolutely loved it. Olivia Williams, who I am sorry to say I had only seen in An Education before this film, played Jane Austen, and she did so superbly.

Based on her life and letters, this movie tells the story of Jane Austen’s last years. While writing and searching for a publisher for her next novel, she also helps her niece, Fanny Knight (played by Imogen Poots), examine potential husbands. This leads her to reflect on her own choice to remain unmarried and the consequences—both good and bad—that has brought.

This movie also brings to life the close relationship and friendship between Jane and her sister Cassandra (played by the splendid Greta Scacchi), which was a joy to see onscreen. Here’s the trailer so you can get a glimpse of this wonderful movie for yourself:

Happy Birthday Jane Austen

16 Dec

Today marks Jane Austen’s 235th birthday. In honor of her birth, Google UK created this beautiful temporary header for their homepage. I wouldn’t mind if this Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet art was a regular part of their site. Happy Birthday Miss Austen!

These Are Things

10 Dec

I’ve already mentioned These Are Things here, but I just saw that they’ve added some new city map prints to their shop. Here are just a couple that are now available. (The Manhattan print is on my wish list):

This seriously talented duo began their business in 2009 when their search for a simple, modern map to sketch out their future trips came up short and they decided to design their own. The result: We have the good fortune of their creativity. And the design of the site is so fun. Here are a couple screenshots of my favorite pages. Seriously, check out their work.

All images courtesy of These Are Things.

Eli Halpin

9 Dec

I’ve been a fan of Eli Halpin ever since I saw these pictures in the January 2008 issue of Sunset magazine. I love her style and the vibrant, saturated colors she uses in her work.

Halpin has oil paintings and prints as well as greeting cards and magnets for sale on her site. Here are a few of my favorites:


7 Dec

Over the past few years Iceland has slowly been moving up my travel wish list, and it’s now definitely in my top five. (I need to update my list.) The culture, the landscape, the people all intrigue me and I definitely want to go there to experience it for myself. These images by San Francisco–based photographer Tim Gasperak just reconfirm that wish. They are simply stunning.

For some entertaining and informative food-related commentary and tips about Iceland, check out the series of posts by The Girl Who Ate Everything starting here. Even if you’re not interested in Iceland, you should still check out her site—it’s hilarious!

All images courtesy of Tim Gasperak.