Our 2011 House To-Do List

6 Jan

Being a devout list-maker, I always have a written record of things that we need or want to do to our house. New things generally come up as we complete others, and so far, our 2011 list looks like this:

• Decide on paint colors for the exterior, and then paint the exterior.

• Finish taking the extra slats out of the faux wood blinds that we installed throughout the house. (I have three left to go.)

These extra slat's days are numbered.

• Build a deck.

• Add doors to the master bedroom closet.

• Sand, prime, and paint the closet door frame in the office (aka the red room) a glossy white. Here’s an in-process shot.

Yep, it's looking pretty rough at the moment.

• Hem the shower curtain.

• Finish cutting down the tree in the front yard.

• Plant a new tree in the front yard.

• Touch up the dining room light fixture. I painted it awhile back and it just needs a little extra work.

• Finish caulking and painting the crown molding we installed in the bathroom.

That’s it…for now.


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