Guest Room

12 Jan

As promised, here’s the start of our house tour. This might take awhile.

The guest room was painted the same beige color that pretty much the rest of the house was originally painted. By the time I took this photo, we’d already ripped out the white plastic collapsible closet doors, added crown molding, done some heavy patchwork on the walls, and sanded and primed the closet door frame. This is what we were working with:

We then painted the trim Valspar’s Bistro White in semigloss and the walls Valspar’s New Avocado in flat, which got us to this:

It’s amazing what paint can do. (Smoky the cat could not be tempted to move when I was taking these.)

We added white curtains to the window and closet for an inexpensive alternative to closet doors that has no footprint in the room and looks infinitely better than the white plastic collapsible doors that had been there. We also added a white duvet and bedskirt, 1-inch white faux wood blinds, and a few pieces of art on the wall. I made some pillow shams using Joel Dewberry’s graphic Herringbone fabric in Pond. (That project is here.) Here’s what it looked like:

Since then we’ve added a bit more art and my favorite bookcase. More will be added (including that artwork sitting on the bookcase that obviously needs to be hung), but this is the room in its current state:

More to come eventually.


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