The Fabulous Tim Gunn

17 Jan

I’m a huge fan of Tim Gunn. He’s smart, witty, gracious, and a consummate gentleman and is one of the reasons I love watching Project Runway.

I read his most recent book, Gunn’s Golden Rules, over the weekend. In it he shares his rules for “making it work” in your career, relationships, and life in general. He tells entertaining behind-the-scenes stories from Project Runway and gossip from the fashion world (including more than one story about both Anna Wintour and Martha Stewart), but what I appreciated most was his desire for and encouragement of more politeness and manners in everyday life. He says, “…we are confronted with choices on how to treat people nearly every waking moment. Over time these choices define who we are and whether we have a lot of friends and allies or none.” So true.

He also shares some pretty personal stories that have made him who he is—a humble person who is thankful for unexpected success later in life. The writing style of this book mirrors the person you’ve come to know from television, which makes it seem like the reader is simply having a chat with him. Check it out. It’s a lovely, easy-to-read book and you’ll be happy you did.

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