Vanity Affair, Part 1

28 Jan

The future is looking brighter for this vanity, literally. As you can see, it’s pretty beat up (the mirror to the right goes with it) and is currently being used to corral some of our tools. But this little vanity will soon be getting a major makeover courtesy of lots of sandpaper and a few coats of primer and semigloss paint. While I love the tiger stripe wood on the drawers, I’m painting it instead of staining it on this occasion since there are so many nicks, scratches, and dings and because I think it’ll look great.

And you should know that the vanity will be moving into the guest room and taking a place in the closet. Why the closet? Simply because there’s no more space in the room for another piece of furniture, but we could use more storage in there for my art-related supplies. Plus, we’d also like to provide our guests with a mirror and a in-room place to primp.

But first, I have to figure out what color to paint it. Here are some of the contenders:

I’m looking for a calming light blue to cover some of the vanity’s scars.

By the way, Lowe’s website has a great feature called Explore Colors that allows you to search Valspar’s paint line online. (I totally wasn’t compensated for saying this. I just saw this tool online and found it helpful.) You can search by color families—the Oceanic Blues are gorgeous. This is what it looks like:

Anyway, I’ve gotten some swatches and hopefully will be making the choice this weekend.

I also wanted to add these Anthropologie color swatch knobs, which I think are so artsy and fun, but I learned when I went to order the four I needed that they’re no longer available in stores or online. I called stores all over the southeast and had zero luck finding any.

However, following this slightly over-dramatic tweet where I was really just complaining…

…the wonderful people at Anthropologie contacted me to help in my search. I certainly wasn’t expecting that from my little tweet, but I’ve happily now got four of these gorgeous knobs on back order and due to arrive in mid-February. Thanks Anthro, for some fantastic customer service!


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