Our Garden

13 Apr

This weather in north central Alabama was gorgeous this past weekend, so we spent a majority of our Saturday planting our vegetable garden—55 plants total (tomatoes, bell peppers, basil), which doesn’t include the jalapeños, habeñeros, and corn that we still have yet to plant. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

That little tilled square in the back of the garden is for the corn. Planting it in rows at least 4 plants wide x 4 plants long is supposed to help it grow better with the help of cross-pollination.

This is the third year we’ve had a vegetable garden and each year it gets bigger and bigger—our garden this year is easily six or seven times the size of our first garden three years ago. For comparison, we had eight tomato plants our first year, 16 our second year, and this year we have 30. The abundance of tomatoes from last year’s garden and the subsequent hours I spent in the kitchen making marinara sauce was the inspiration for this drawing:

This is how the kitchen looked pretty much all summer. I’ll be doing it again this year in a much bigger way. I hope our freezer is ready.

We planted some blackberries and a peach tree that first year and now have a large and rather wild-looking blackberry bush (you can see it in the top left of the picture below) and a tree that currently has some baby peaches growing. It won’t produce this year, but it’s on its way. This year, we transplanted a handful of fig trees to our yard that a friend generously cut and rooted for us.

We keep things as organic as possible and don’t use any pesticides. We also compost, which has proven to be a very easy process. I’ll share how I set ours up in a separate post. It’s inexpensive and supereasy.


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