The Search Has Ended

19 May

Like clothes, I often get a particular idea in my head of what I want for home-related things, and then the search ensues. Y’all can relate, yes?

For the past two years (maybe longer—this might sound a tad familiar), I’ve been on the hunt for seat cushions for the kitchen chairs. I didn’t have anything really specific in mind, just a general set of criteria. I wanted affordable seat cushions with a white background (not cream, ivory, or off-white, but white) with a graphic pattern in greens, yellows, and maybe some blues and reds, and nothing floral. That doesn’t seem that hard, right? Well, clearly I was wrong. And even though I really didn’t want to make these seat cushions into a sewing project, I looked for fabric too, and nothing felt quite right.

Enter World Market. I’d searched there numerous times before but then saw these:

They were close to what I had in mind and fulfilled a number of the criteria I’d set out at the beginning of the search. I debated back and forth about whether to buy them since they weren’t quite right and then bit the bullet because I am very particular, and I realized at the rate I was going, we might not ever get seat cushions. So here they are.

I really like them. They’re not exactly what I’d envisioned, but I rarely ever find a duplicate of the imaginary image. I’m considering this case closed.

While I was at World Market, I also saw this rug for $8.99 (which doesn’t appear to be sold online).

I’d recently been thinking that the existing one in the kitchen (on the left below) might need to be replaced since it was looking a little tired, so I got it. Really easy. Done.

So that search is over too, and it really never even began, which is fine with me.


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