The Inevitable

22 Jun

Last week’s fabric browsing inevitably led to some fabric purchases. I spent a solid hour perusing Hawthorne Threads and choosing my favorites, and then came the toughest part: editing. It actually took me a couple days to decide. I had to give myself some time to think on it, add a couple fabrics back to the contenders’ list, narrow the list down again, etc. (Oh, the drama!) But I finally found two that I loved and that would actually work in our home in some capacity. These are the ones I chose:

And going in for the closeup:

I was in love with the graphic turquoise pattern from the get-go, so that one was pretty much in my shopping cart from the start, but the decision-making process for the other was a bit more time-consuming. I ultimately went with the crosshatch pattern for nostalgic reasons. When I was younger and my sister was in college studying architecture, she showed me some of her drawings where she’d use crosshatching. I’d never seen that technique, and I thought it (and my sister) were so cool. (I still do.) I decided on yellow because we don’t have that much of that particular color in our home so I thought a little variety might be nice.

My plan is to make two pillows for our living room sofa out of the turquoise fabric (room tour coming soon!). The fate of the yellow is yet to be decided. I’ll be sure to share the results.


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