Modern Baby

17 Aug

This image from Purl Soho has gotten me inspired.

Aren’t these baby blankets gorgeous? I have a number of friends who are preggers at the moment, and this looks like such a fun and relatively simple (although undoubtedly time-consuming) project that I think I’m going to add it to my to-make list.

Purl Soho sells a kit¬†(called The Super Easy Baby Blanket) in the nine colorways shown, but I’ll be gathering my own yarn for a few reasons: 1) I want to pick my own colors. The color combinations offered are beautiful, and I plan to use them as inspiration, but there’s something wonderful and rewarding about creating something that is uniquely you. 2) The kit (including yarn and pattern directions) is $120, which is a little pricey, and 3) it’s also for knitters. I’ll be crocheting mine.

I won’t be starting this project for a bit, but I’ll give y’all an update when I do.

Image courtesy of Purl Soho.


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