Ab Fab is back, sweetie-darling!

29 Aug

This post on Twitter made my day (if not my entire week, and it’s just Monday):

Absolutely Fabulous is one of my most favorite shows. With the booze, the smoking, the drugs, the fashion, the botox, the terrifically off-kilter and politically incorrect jokes and dialogue, and the endless attempts to stay young and hip, watching Edina and Patsy is an addiction unto itself. The show has had a rather sporadic history, so this announcement is pretty exciting since it’s been impossible to know if and when it would ever return.

Jennifer Saunders, who plays Edina Monsoon (she also co-created it, writes it, and produces it), and Joanna Lumley, who plays Patsy Stone, are simply brilliant. I can’t wait to see what their characters are up to a few years later, definitely older but likely not wiser. They’ve already begun filming.

Until it airs, I’ll be watching my old DVDs and videos like this one to tide me over. Cheers darling!


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