Mirror Exchange

30 Aug

The mirror in the bathroom has always bugged me a little. The screws and pieces holding it in the wall didn’t look great and didn’t look like they were doing a great job of keeping the mirror attached either.

Turns out I was right.

Let me back up. We’ve had this mirror sitting around for awhile. I purchased it when I lived in my first solo apartment, and then I used it in my condo.

It came with me when I moved to Ty’s house, and it sat in the master bedroom for awhile, and then it hung out in the office for a bit. It just never found a home.

Then I realized it would be much better suited to prettying up the bathroom instead of the mirror that came with the house. This one.

So, I took the existing mirror down, and I was right, it wasn’t attached very well. It came out quickly and very easily (too easily). I painted the area behind the mirror with some leftover paint we already had on hand, hung two 75-pound wall anchors (one on each side, which it a bit of overkill since the mirror weighs maybe 30 pounds), and hung the mirror. It was an easy project that took a couple hours, including paint-drying time. Here’s the improved after.

This simple change makes the bathroom feel bigger, a little less ho-hum, and more like a room rather than just a bathroom. The pictures don’t really do it justice—it’s hard photographing the narrow room and the light is definitely a little golden in the pictures (even with color-correcting), but I can assure you that it doesn’t look too Donald Trump-esque in there now as the pictures imply. It just looks better and makes me happier. It’s the little things.


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