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House Tour: My Bathroom

9 Sep

Had I been thinking, I wouldn’t have finished the tour with the smallest and least interesting room in my home. But clearly I wasn’t, so here it is. The wall color is Behr’s Scottish Isle in flat, which I still love as much as the day I painted it.

That’s it. You’ve pretty much seen it all. I hope you enjoyed it!


House Tour: My Bedroom

25 Aug

My bedroom was the first room I painted when I moved in—I literally was moving in a couple gallons of paint for this room an hour after I signed the closing papers. The burnt orange (Behr’s Ground Nutmeg in flat) was a last-minute change. Originally I had planned to go with a warm neutral but wasn’t really in love with it, so I went bolder and darker, which was a little outside my comfort zone at the time. When I was rolling this on I was thinking, “What have I done?” But in the end and even now I’m really happy with my choice. Because the room gets great light, the dark wall color doesn’t ever make the room feel closed in, but when I lower the shades it feels like a cave (the bamboo shades are lined with blackout fabric).

In college, my mom and I found this fabulous fabric with small yellow and gold stripes with embroidered lemon trees. I had (and still have) an enthusiasm for Italy and at the time had recently read Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, so the colors and feel of Italy were on my mind and certainly inspired my fabric choice and ultimately the look of this room.

One of the more recent additions is the headboard. I wanted something simple and modern, so I made the frame with 2 x 4s and plywood. I had the wood cut to size at Home Depot and picked up the fabric from the remnant bin at Hancock Fabrics—8 yards for $28. the assembly and upholstery process took only about 2 hours. On a scale of home-related projects, this one definitely ranks as easy.

House Tour: My Kitchen & Dining Room

12 Aug

When I bought my place, painting the walls was my first priority. I just couldn’t stomach living in a beige box when I’d lived in beige or white boxes as an apartment-dweller for years. I do like the original colors the builders used, but it was builder beige on the walls and a darker builder beige on the trim in every room and I personally need more color to keep my senses happy. I did keep both in the living room but painted over them in the rest of my condo within a couple weeks of moving in.

I made an offer on my place while it was still being renovated (the building was built in 1933 and was undergoing a complete overhaul), so I had time to plan and knew the colors and look that I wanted for my kitchen and dining room from the moment I moved in. I painted the walls a light blue (Behr Lakeside Mist in flat) and the trim and cabinets white (Behr Vermont Cream in semigloss). I know many people recommend using eggshell or a paint with a glossier finish in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms for easy cleanup, but I simply prefer the look of flat paint on walls because it doesn’t reflect light. It’s simply a personal preference, and I haven’t found the flat to cause any problems with cleanup.

My chairs were purchased at various unfinished furniture stores and painted in high-gloss paint. I’m in the process of stripping and redoing the red chair. Although you can’t tell in the photo, the finish isn’t that great, and I’ve learned it’s because that particular shade of red doesn’t work well in high-gloss. So, for round two, I’m using semigloss. I’m hoping it works this time around.

I hope you enjoyed part two of my house tour. There’s more to come, but not much since there’s only two rooms left to go in my one-bedroom home.

House Tour: My Living Room

2 Aug

I love house tours. They are one of my most favorite things to find on blogs and Web sites because I love seeing how others choose to decorate the space they live in every day, so it seems a crucial thing I need to add to my own.

Even though my place isn’t massive, I’m going to do this in stages because one big house tour post might be a bit much. First up: my living room.

Like most spaces, this room evolved over time. One of my very first home-related purchases was my sofa. While I love color, I’m a firm believer in investing in classic pieces in neutral colors so you have the flexibility to change the look of your space with relatively inexpensive accessories and paint rather than furniture. (If money were no object, then it would be an entirely different story.) The latest addition in this room is the graphic West Elm Zigzag rug that I’m completely in love with.

The chair is an antique from my grandmother and was in serious need of repair and reupholstery. And because I was pretty particular about what I wanted, it took me two years to find a fabric that was just right for the chair. Here’s a closeup:

As I’ve mentioned, I have a thing for maps; they’re all over my home. I love how graphic and colorful they are and how they bring back memories of a place I’ve lived or traveled to.

My bookcase is one of my most favorite purchases to date. It houses all of my favorite books and pictures, all of my Cottage Living magazines (I really miss that magazine), and various mementos.

I hope y’all enjoyed this mini tour!