Welcome to my portfolio. The writing samples and illustrations below are just a small portion of my work. Please visit my shop to see the prints that are currently available for purchase and find out about my custom drawings, or click on My Drawings in the categories section to see more of my day-to-day illustrations. I hope you enjoy!


Birmingham City Guide

Birmingham may be most well known outside the South for its prominent place in Civil Rights history, but this hilly city in north-central Alabama is much more.

Egypt: A Country of Contradictions
Egypt is a country of contrasts. It’s ancient and modern, Muslim and Christian, conservative and, in some ways, Westernized. From the moment I stepped foot outside the airport’s sliding glass doors in Cairo, surprising contradictions kept popping up wherever I went.

In Search of Jane Austen
Jane Austen is like being in love. When someone mentions her name, my eyes light up and a smile comes to my face. It’s an immediate reaction rather than a conscious decision. I can’t help myself. This love affair began shortly after I turned 16—yes, I was a late bloomer. Once I entered this world, I was smitten.

The Evolution of Norway
Norway is the land of many American forefathers, but not mine. This, it seems, was an oddity among travelers to this Scandinavian country.

Memories of San Francisco Saturdays
Despite the hills, San Francisco is a city meant for walking. Of course it’s an essential mode of transportation in a city where parking is at a premium, but it also has an additional perk: buns and calves of steel.

New York Wandering
I need coffee. This was a thought that often ran through my brain during my time in New York City. The endless energy found on this small urban island seemed to require it, and my obsession was obviously shared with the countless others piling into Starbucks or Dean & Deluca for a morning jolt.

The Truth About Absinthe
The history of absinthe is a dramatic page-turner of a story full of twists and turns. After becoming immensely popular, it fell out of favor and was even banned in certain countries. But it’s resurfaced and is making a comeback.

Calcium Confidential: Secret Sources
Here’s how to get enough calcium if you don’t do dairy.

Buying Organic for Beginners
We’ve been told buying organic is better for our health, but do the benefits outweigh the extra cost? Use this guide to figure out what’s worth it and what’s not.

Small Kitchen, Big Feast
You’re hosting the holiday meal, but your place is tiny? No problem. This traditional feast is big on style and flavor, but features time- and space-saving tricks.

Comfort Food Menus
Menus by registered dietitians Rachel Quinlivan and Andrea C. Kirkland and recipes from Cooking Light Complete Cookbook can help you slim down family favorites.


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