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Beautiful Black Krims

7 Jul

We recently picked the first of our black krim tomatoes. This deep-hued heirloom variety has a much more assertive flavor—more tart, acidic, and bright—than a regular tomato. They’re delicious and simply gorgeous.

The rest of the garden is doing gangbusters. I’ve already spent many hours this summer chopping tomatoes and making marinara sauce. Here are some shots of the garden taken yesterday afternoon. It’s come a long way.


Lemon boys…

Our largest tomato plant, which is taller than I am (I’m 5’7”) and long-ago outgrew its tomato cage…


and our blackberry bush…


Backyard Marinara

27 Jun

This week we had our first large crop of tomatoes from the garden (plus lots of bell peppers and giant marconi peppers), and I spent part of both days this weekend making marinara to freeze for later. Here’s the process in pictures.

Greater Food Culture

1 Jun

I love the simplicity and beauty of the London tube map (mentioned previously here), so when I saw this combination of that map and the icons (both past and present) that have shaped our food culture, I was smitten.

Created by HartmanSalt, the map also has an interactive feature that allows you to get short biographical snippets about each person who made the list. I’ve highlighted Julia Child, a personal favorite, below.

You can preorder a copy of this limited edition print for $25. (Go here.)